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ANRITSU MS2687B SPECTRUM ANALYSER 9 KHZ TO 30 GHZ ANRITSU Prix: 5 500,00 € en fonction des options Je propose un prix !

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Date de parution: dimanche 22 mars 2020
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Anritsu MS2687B Spectrum Analyser 9 kHz to 30 GHz


Anritsu   The MS2687B Microwave Spectrum Analyzer covers afrequency range up to 30 GHz and can
measure up to 5th-order harmonics on 5 GHzWireless LANs.With a maximum RBW of 20 MHz, the MS2687B
is idealfor measuring the burst power of wideband signals used by Wireless LANs. Whenthe WLAN Measurement
Software is installed, the modulation accuracy of eachsub-carrier of the OFDM signal can be measured at high
speed with high accuracy.Features: Frequency Range 9 kHz to 30 GHz Extend range to 18 - 110 GHz with external
 mixers Resolution Bandwidth Up to 20 MHz Optional narrow resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz Optional Power Meter
Frequency Counter with 1 Hz resolution Superior RF performance specifications