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Date de parution: mardi 26 avril 2022
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Taysan MAKINA CO. Sarl. Is a company that makes the production of fully automatic machines and manual type R to make sugar cubes hard in Turkey and also machines to various food packaging and sugar cubes from a ten-year experience.
With its quality and professional crew give satisfaction to those customers. Taysan MAKINA manufactures machines and machine form a party and then install the hard and powdered sugar lumps,
It is possible to produce several formats hard sugar cubes.
Machine capacity; 3 tons / 24 hours at 25 tons / 24 hours.
Our company produces several machines.

Our machines:
- Machines to manufacture sugar in fully automatic R type pieces
- Machines to manufacture sugar cubes fully manual type C
- Wrapping machine for sugar lumps.
- Double machine for wrapping sugar lumps.
- Cardboard openers Machines
- Machines carton sealers
- Automatic sugar tube filling machines, salt, coffee powder etc ... (stick machine)
- Filling Machine and sugar or other package.

And yet many types and models of machines according to customer needs.
For more information please contact us.


TEL: + 90 312 396 01 09
FAX: + 90 312 396 01 13
Mobile: +90 546 610 06 05
SKYPE: taysanmakina